Who we are

We're a team of designers and developers who really, really care about the details

Great software requires great attention to detail. Every screen, every user interaction, and every pixel should be well-considered. Our mission is to provide clients with best-in-class applications that their users love. And we do it by sweating the details.

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Our mission is to relieve the world of bad software

The world is full of half-baked software. For users, this makes their daily lives inconvenient at best and utterly painful at worst.

We've seen this play out in a range of different industries. And not just through hearing stories. From government, to healthcare, education, and hospitality, our range of backgrounds has exposed us to some of the best and also some of the worst software out there.

As technology continues to be an ever larger underpinning of our daily lives, it's vital that the software we use helps us and stays out of our way rather than be a source of irritation.

What Makes Elevate Digital Special

At Elevate Digital, we pride ourselves on our ability to turn a somewhat vague description of a problem into a bespoke solution that looks and operates beautifully. Our approach to get there is a collaborative one. We don't just take a long list of feature requirements and go build for months at a time. Rather, we take a very iterative process, always working inside a tight feedback loop with clients to ensure we deliver a solution that actually meets their needs.

We have a keen eye for both the way software looks and how it operates under the hood. We pay very close attention to the user interface, sweating even the smallest pixel-level details. The code we write is fast, reliable, and easy to maintain. We do all of this so that we can deliver a solution that solves the problem in the best way possible, looks beautiful to delight users, and can be updated easily as business needs change.

Elevate Digital takes a high-touch approach to ongoing maintenance and client services. We work with you face-to-face (most often remotely) on a regular basis to ensure what we build you continues to operate correctly once it's in production. When issues arise, we resolve problems promptly and get to work on troubleshooting immediately. No filing a ticket with IT and waiting for it to bounce around before getting a response.

We have a keen ability to either augment your current tech team or to take a technology leadership role within your organization, should you require it. We keep abreast of industry trends, changes, and security vulnerabilities. And we bring this expertise to the table when serving you.

Core values

  • illustrationWe don't supply workarounds. The product must do the job it should and not fall short
  • illustrationWe stand by our work and stick around for the long run
  • illustrationThe only good way to offer support is direct support
  • illustrationWe take pride in quality work
  • illustrationWe build things to last
  • illustrationWe care about information security, data integrity, and other such liabilities
  • illustrationWe contribute to the developer community and care about educating developers
  • illustrationWe care about educating ourselves and we're always learning new tech
  • illustrationWe embrace distributed and async work

Need help with a tough challenge?

We build custom web apps that simplify tricky business logic, create better user experiences with complex data, and increase engagement with your audience.