Is your business being held back by lousy technology?

We craft custom apps that will help you grow and thrive.

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How we can help

iconStreamline or completely reimagine business processes to alleviate errors and time sinks
iconLeverage modern softwares solutions to alleviate legacy problems
iconCraft digital experiences that help customers convert, buy, or engage
iconSolve data issues, including consolidation, performance, and management
The whole office would spend all of July working overtime to get all filings ready for the end-of-month deadline. With our new custom-built solution from Elevate Digital, July overtime has been reduced by 95% and the whole office breathes a lot easier.
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Linda TaylorVice President, Wrangle

Our process

  • number 1
    Discovery Deep-Dive

    We don't just scratch the surface. We dive deep to understand your unique needs and create software that truly delivers.

  • number 2
    Application Design

    No cookie-cutter apps here. We design software tailored to your business, ensuring it fits like a glove.

  • number 3
    Ongoing Implementation

    We don't do hit and runs. Our team sticks around to ensure smooth implementation, making tweaks as your business evolves.

  • number 4
    Release and Support

    Launch day is just the beginning. We're on standby for any tweaks or tune-ups, ensuring your software runs smoothly, every day.

See what we can do.

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Rearchitecting Wrangle's Legacy ERISA Reporting App to Boost Performance and Productivity

Elevate Digital increased performance and reduced overtime by modernizing Wrangle's filing app.

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Building campaign-friendly budgeting software from the ground up

Warchest approached us to turn their highly tuned campaign budget tracking spreadsheets into 1.0 software.

Need help with a tough challenge?

We build custom web apps that simplify tricky business logic, create better user experiences with complex data, and increase engagement with your audience.