What we do

We make elegant custom software that makes your company awesome

Off-the-shelf solutions often come up short. Stop fighting with your software and let us build a custom solution that will save you time, delight your users, and most importantly, get the job done correctly.

Technology and Business Process Consultation

We look at the processes currently used within your organization to see how data flows, which technologies are being used, and where bottlenecks are.

We then make recommendations based on current industry standards and illustrate where improvements can be made.

Areas of expertise

  • Data architecture
  • Technology recommendations
  • Developer experience
  • Performance Recommendations

Turn-Key Application Builds

We will design, architect, and build a modern application that meets your exact business needs. As technology advances, users have high expectations. We use modern tools to deliver performance-focused, secure, and beautiful apps that your users will love.

Areas of expertise

  • Discovery
  • Systems architecture
  • Business process planning
  • System implementation

Expertise with modern tooling

We are specialists with industry-standard, well-backed open source software.

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Application Modernization

With technology advancing at the pace it does, existing applications can start to feel old really quickly. As technology gets more ingrained in our everyday lives, users' expectations for technology only increases as well. We help to modernize your existing applications to meet these expectations while also building them to stand the test of time.

We work within existing projects or add to them with stand-alone apps that work alongside your current technology to help bring your digital offerings up-to-speed with current industry standards.

Areas of expertise

  • Conversions from older tech
  • Data and content migration
  • Hosting migration
  • Process optimization
  • UX evaluation and improvement

On-demand Technical Leadership

In an age where tech drives business, strong technical leadership is vital. But not every business has the resources or need for full-time tech leadership. That's where we come in. We provide on-demand tech leadership, lending our expertise just when you need it, without the commitment of a full-time hire.

Our team of seasoned tech pros can step in at any stage of your project. Whether you need strategic guidance, architectural oversight, or hands-on project management, we've got you covered. Our aim is to supercharge your tech team, help you navigate challenges, and ensure your project's success, all without adding to your payroll.

Areas of expertise

  • Incident management
  • Ongoing technical consultation
  • User feedback implementation
  • Uptime management
The run up to July 31 of every year is crunch time for Wrangle. The whole office would spend all of July working overtime to get all filings ready for the end-of-month deadline. With our new custom-built solution from Elevate Digital, July overtime has been reduced by 95% and the whole office breathes a lot easier.
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Linda TaylorVice President, Wrangle

Our Process

Navigating tech can be daunting. That's why we've mastered a process that strips away the confusion and delivers results. From discovery to support, we're your guides in the digital wilderness.

Need help with a tough challenge?

We build custom web apps that simplify tricky business logic, create better user experiences with complex data, and increase engagement with your audience.